"The Best, Most Meticulous Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert, Arizona….or You Don't Pay"


Welcome to the virtual home of Clearly Clean Carpet. We know there are many carpet cleaning choices and that sorting through the options can feel like walking through a minefield. Quite frankly, different companies serve different needs. To determine if we are the right choice for you, take this simple little quiz:

1. I am concerned about who will show up at my door to clean my carpets. I expect a clean-cut professional, NOT some guy with a bunch of tattoos and piercings.

2. I want the job done right, not just someone interested in getting in and out as quickly as possible.

3. I care about my home and the condition of my floors and I am not just cleaning because my landlord requires it.

4. I want straight-forward, up-front pricing without surprise "upsells".

5. I want a carpet cleaner I can rely on and use over and over again as the need arises.

6. I prefer to work with a carpet cleaning company that is established in, and contributes to, the local community.

If you answered YES to all of these then we are a perfect fit for you. Give us a call today at 480-664-3322 and we would be glad to discuss your cleaning needs. We're here to help.